Outdoor workouts

All outdoor workouts are weather permitting!

There is no fixed schedule for our outdoor workouts, we will use Facebook or
the Google Group to announce them.

Please notice the type and where we are going to ride, you should always be capable to navigate your way back home, on some fast paced workouts you are expected to do so if you get dropped.

For more general information about riding with us and what to bring check our Rides page.


Most of our outdoor workouts during weekdays are in Central Park.
Notice that if you ever get dropped while we are doing loops you can always cut through the park and expect us on the other side or join us later for hill repeats (in case we planned to do them).

Occasionally we will do River Road or one of the longer rides on a weekday.


On the weekends we have our endurance ride, the favorite destinations are Piermont, Nyack, or Orchards (for maps on these routes please check Rides page).

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