Hi guys,

This weekend I wasn't in the mood to work, so I decided to create a website for our club.

I created this website under wikidot.com. It's main feature is that I can share administrative rights with some of you, so you can edit pages on the fly, later or whenever I leave the club. I can just pass full administration of the website to someone else with no hassle.

Now the website has, what I hope to be, its final structure and some rough text. Usually I take as a compliment whenever people tell me that I'm poor writer, therefore you can imagine what I really mean by "rough". I'm really hoping that some of you can help me fix it up a "little".

I'm building the website with some obvious goals:

  • promote ourselves
  • attract new members
  • make it easier for new comers
  • etc

Other not so obvious goal is to have a community build "manual" of how stuff works internally, eg:

  • how do we get reimbursed?
  • what forms do we need to fill in?
  • what forms does the captain need to give to Gail before every race?
  • how to take care of housing?
  • who can drive?
  • etc

This section will be under bureaucracy, later on you will need to be a member to able to access it. You can become a member by just pressing "Join this site" on the right.
If everyone contributes with their 5 cents this will make the transactions between years much easier.

How can you contribute?

  • If you are a moderator you just need to press "Edit" and it should be pretty easy to understand how it works, otherwise check here or ask me.
  • If you are just a regular member you just need to send me an email, my email is: edgarcosta [AT] nyu [DOT] edu, with your text and I will take care of it.

I would really enjoy to have some feedback.

So here is the To do list:

  • give me some feedback
  • become a member
  • correct my crappy english and fill out some missing text
  • help out with the Bureaucracy section! Christian if you already have something prepared just email me and I can easily put it there with no hassle.



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