Our competitive team for 2015-2016 academic year.
Team would finish the season with 663pts for 6th place overall (3rd among D1 schools)


Men A

  • Leon Lyakovetsky
  • Drew Kogon
  • Simón Vidal

Men C

  • David Chen
  • Artur Belov
  • Jackson Vogel
  • Anthony Cao
  • Shea Ratynski

Men D

  • Brandon Masterman
  • Alvin Leong
  • Aram Modrek
  • Yusuf Kapadia
  • Daniel Cole (Men's D conference criterium champion)
  • Henry Wang

Women B

  • Paige Kostaneski

Women C

  • Camille Joubert

Women D

  • Octavia Mulhern

NYU ready to defend home turf at the Metro NYC race weekend!

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